Three cyclists cycling through the mountains along the Thai-Myanmar border to raise money and materials for educational projects at an orphanage and two schools.

Cycling Superheroes are 3 adventure sport enthusiasts David Savage, Donovan Richards, and Ron Poonsaengsathit, who are aiming to support needy Thai and Burmese children. From the 10th to 31st March 2012, they will complete a 3 week cycle along the mountainous Thai-Burmese border dressed as superheroes, stopping to volunteer and make donations to three different charity projects. This trip has been inspired by previous cycling adventures in Thailand and the people that we’ve met along the way.From February to March 2011, David and Donovan undertook a cycling trip from the North to the South of Thailand. Ron cycled the same route in 2009 and 2010. They were accompanied by two friends Tim Simpson and Paul Barry for the first half of the journey, from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Having both lived in Thailand for a fairly substantial time before embarking on this project, they did not expect too many surprises along the way. However, these surprises did indeed start to manifest themselves from the very first day of the trip.
Acts of kindness from strangers became the rule rather than the exception and the group bumbled their way down the length of the country collecting stories of human decency that have led directly to the challenge we are now tackling.A few of these stories are detailed here.A photo gallery can be seen here.Along with all the enjoyment, travelling the back roads of Thailand also forces you to face uncomfortable realities and, despite being disguised behind glowing smiles, the needs of a significant proportion of the population are pressing and real and we decided to look for a way to make a contribution to even a small group of people, one which would give them the best opportunity to improve their own standards of living through education and skills development.With the huge number of needy and worthwhile charitable causes seeking support, the  plight of individuals tends to be forgotten in a mass of information. The concept of using superheroes was born from the need to find a unique and recognizable means of promoting our own causes and try and catch people’s attention as much as possible. The inspiration for this came from the charitable people of Thai-Toku. Donovan was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer with them for their work at Wat Udon Thani School in the province of Nakhon Nayok in Thailand. The response of the children to these superheroes and the excitement they generated was unforgettable. The characters were instantly recognizable despite the remote geographical location of the school, and this has provided us with a starting point to try and raise awareness of the causes we hope to support. Of course, these characters are copyrighted and we therefore are extremely grateful to Sony Entertainment Thailand, and in particular Khun Poon, for granting us permission to use these costumes.


6 Responses to Background

  1. Judie says:

    Great effort – I’ll see what I can do about getting support for you. Sorry I won’t be around to see parts of it – the good parts, I hope.

  2. Judie says:

    Guys, you are awesome. I’m in BKK next Sunday evening through to Wednesday late afternoon, staying at the Swiss House Hotel, near IH Bangkok. Don – if you contact me, I’ll shake my purse out for a donation. Kindest regards Judie

  3. nath says:

    today i see u and thanks for your kind that u give to children . I hope your project have many people see and join

  4. pasakara says:

    You guys are my heroes!

  5. Big says:

    you are the real hero.

  6. henrik says:

    Thanks for the photos…(Bangkok half marathon 2012) see ya
    Sawasdee krab/Henrik Sweden.

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