We are collecting clothes, English language text books, computers (in good working order) and cash donations.

Cash donations can be made by bank transfer:

Thailand Bank Account

Acc No: 738-2-73628-6
Bank: Kasikorn
Branch: Siam Paragon

UK Bank Account

Acc No: 16184831
Bank: Natwest
Sort Code: 602420

Reference: Cycling Superheroes or Cycling Superheroes anon (if you would like to donate anonymously)

Cycling Superheroes will be fully transparent in all its dealings. Once you have made a donation please send us an email to or post on our facebook page: Every donation will be logged on the website so that donors can be sure that their money is reaching its intended target. Should your donation not appear on our website, please inform us immediately along with the dates and banks involved and we will investigate immediately.

We understand that some donors prefer to remain anonymous. If this is the case, please state “anon” as part of the reference on your bank transfer or email to us. Your donation will still be logged, but the donors name will not be stated.

Articles of clothing, English text books and computers can be donated at:

1. Bell Office, Asssumption College, 26 Soi Charoekrung 40, Bangkok. (Ask for Donovan or David)

2. Aree Alley Cafe and Wine, 2/1 Areesamphan Soi 4, Bangkok 10140 (Ask for Aum).  Donators will receive a special 10% discount on food at this garden restaurant.

3. Birds Nest Cafe, Singharat Soi 3 ( Soi Arak), Chiangmai ( Ask for Sorada)

4. If you are in the Bangkok area, please contact us at 08-67842957 and we will do our best to make it as convenient as possible for you to donate.


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