On this page, you’ll find information about people and organizations who’ve helped us. We hope that you’ll support them as they have supported us.

Birds Nest Cafe

They have hosted us and promoted our cause, giving us free advertising space in their cafe in Soi Singharat 3 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their staff have taken to the streets on two separate occasions to hand out flyers, collect donations and answer questions about our project. They have also acted as a collection point for clothes donations in Chiang Mai.


Two good friends whose inspiring story finally convinced us to undertake this challenge. They have provided us with hours of useful advice, and are looking after our UK donations wing.

This page is also for us to express our thanks to individuals who have given up their own time to help us. It is much appreciated.

Sorada Vanikkul

Ib has been an enormous help, promoting our cause in Chiang Mai and colecting donations.

Siggi Ekkert

Like Ib, Siggi has been involved in this project from the start and we are grateful for all her support.

Tim Simpson

He’s handling the UK section of our project and we are grateful for his positive attitude and wealth of ideas.

Mathew Smith

Mat is an experienced cyclist and volunteer who is always happy to help us out with administrative queries and advice.

Tabitha Bond

Tabitha is an educator and triathlon race organizer who has gone out of her way to help raise the profile of our project.

Pin Thongsomsong

Pin is always happy to give up her time to help at events. We thank her using her skills in Thai and English in highlighting or cause to potential donors and volunteers.

Grace Tang-amphan

Grace has used her incredible sales skills to help us collect donations at promotional events.

Sign Hirungkham

Sign took photos and helped collect donations at our promotional appearance at Chatuchak market.

Bow Palakawong

Bow helped us with the translation of the website in to Thai.


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