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Superheroes ride to the rescue

Life’s great when it’s lived with passion, but the world would be a better place if people also lived life with compassion. Fortunately, expats David Savage and Donovan Richards live with both.

Superman and Spider-Man have decided to trade their superpowers for two-wheelers during a three-week charity ride in the north of Thailand.

The cycling enthusiasts, joined by a Thai rider, have previously challenged the steep and deep slopes in almost all regions of the Kingdom on their bikes, but in March they’re embarking on their regular long holiday ride for a good cause _ doing volunteer work and passing well-wishers’ donations onto schools in need.

The planned route will take the trio of cyclists from Tak to Mae Sot and then up the Myanmar border to Mae Hong Son, through Pai, before they finally get off their bikes in Chiang Mai. On the way, they will be volunteering at three different organisations; an orphanage, a school and a community centre. And all this dressed as comic-book superheroes Superman and Spider-Man! “During the last cross-country cycle we experienced the kindness of locals and were amazed by their generosity despite their humble living conditions,” said Savage of the motivation behind this new riding challenge that marries their passion with compassion.

“In addition we are teachers and recognise the importance of education. We did the cross-country ride in order to test whether we had the physical endurance necessary to tackle a challenge tough enough for people to sponsor us.

As we’re now confident about our ability to do so we felt it was the right time to try and make a difference in providing opportunities to those with limited access to education.”

The superheroes theme, he added, is to give the project an extra boost _ to provide hope to and entertain the children they visit.

“The motif came from Donovan’s experience volunteering with a Thai group of people who do regular charity work and superhero shows at schools,” said Savage.

“He saw the reaction of the kids to the superheroes and thought it’d be something the kids enjoyed. It’s also to attract more attention to the cause, because people always want to take pictures with us which raises the profile of our cause.”

More about Cycling Superheroes, make a donation or be a part of their journey at


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