Through discussion with the charities themselves, we have set these as our minimum fundraising targets in an attempt to satisfy each organization’s most pressing needs:

Safe Haven Orphanage

1. Three day’s worth of clothes, 1 pair of closed shoes and 1 pair of sandals for each of the 60 children at the orphanage.

2. 100 cases of milk – $600

3. 1800kg (4000 pounds) of rice – $1200

4. Fruit and vegetables for 60 children for 6 months – $1300

Ban Dong Mai School

1. The materials to build 1 fish breeding pond.

2. The materials to build 1 mushroom nursery.

3.The funds to hire an agricultural expert to spend 3 days at the school teaching both the students and teachers which crops would grow best in the local soil, providing them with seeds to plant their crops, teaching them how to best extract seeds from the first crop to be used for future crops, and showing them the most appropriate methods to ensure each crop is cared for in the appropriate manner. Vegetables will not only be grown at the school. Seeds will be provided to each family whose children attend Ban Dong Mai Primary, and they will be able to grow these crops at their homes as well.

4. Fish fry to stock the fish pond we build. We aim to obtain Nile tilapia, a fast-growing and nutritious freshwater fish, successfully bred in Thai conditions.

Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre

1. 5 computers in good working order

2. Sets of English language textbooks at the Starter, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate Level.

3. Stationery

pens, pencils, exercise books, erasers

4. Materials to build 1 new classroom


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