Our Projects

We have implemented or are currently in the process of implementing the following projects. Click on the links to see photos of how they are progressing:

Safe Haven Orphanage

We have provided 3000kg of rice (enough to last for 6 months), 6 months worth of fruit and vegetables and 8 cases of baby formula milk which currently represent the most pressing needs for the children at Safe Haven Orphanage.

Ban Dong Mai School

We have employed a full time teacher for the 2011/2012 Academic Year.

We have repaired and extended the students dormitory which now houses ten students who live too far from the school to travel every day.

We have built a water tank and filtration system to provide safe drinking water to all the students at Ban Dong Mai School.

We have built a covered plant and mushroom nursery so that the students at Ban Dong Mai school can grow their own vegetables which will be used to provide the children with one healthy and nutritious meal every school day.

We have used an area of land to make a playground to be used for leisure activities for the younger students at Ban Dong Mai School.

Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre

We have cleared and leveled an area of sloped land. The clay removed from the area has been used to make bricks to construct a common room in which students at the community centre can undertake self-study.

We have built a hygienic water tank which collects and stores water for use at the community centre.

We have implemented an irrigation project so that fruit and vegetables can be grown on the community centre grounds.

We have refurbished the canteen, providing wash basins and piping to water collection tanks.


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