The Cause

In undertaking this project, we aim to make a big difference to a small group of people’s lives. Instead of lumping all donations together for one large charity organization to distribute we have chosen more personal stories, to which we have links or sympathies, or owe a debt of gratitude. We will be able to visit these schools and the orphanage personally and assist in implementing these improvements.

As teachers, we are acutely aware of how important education is to children in all countries, and in countries where opportunities are severely restricted, its importance can not be overestimated. For Burmese refugees in Thailand, the situation is even more complex. Not only do they need to find the financial means to support their education but,in the current Thai education system, they are only able to attend Primary schools, and are therefore not able to obtain a high school certificate, severely limiting their employment opportunities.

But there is hope. As detailed on the Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre‘s website, the Ministry of Education in Thailand has implemented a programme which makes it possible for these students to get a high school certificate.

“One of the main reasons that the BNSCLC was created was to give the underprivileged children of the Mae Hong Son a chance to gain skills and continue to study at the high school level. Through the cooperation of the Thai Education Ministry’s Gaw Saw Naw (Non formal Education) program, students that complete two years of study to graduate at the BNSCLC will get  Thai high school certificate that will allow them to attend university within the Thai system.”

For children without parents or guardians, obtaining an education is virtually impossible. At Safe Haven Orphanage the staff are aiming to change that by providing a small group of children with proper nurture, nutrition, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education. We hope to make a contribution to the challenge of financing these basic human needs.

Empowering children to satisfy these basic needs is of primary concern at Ban Dong Mai School in Mae Hong Son province. To this end, school director Rungroj Yongyingharn has initiated a project to provide the children with regular, nutritious school lunches. Based on the principle of self-reliance under HM the King’s sufficiency philosophy, the project will involve the children growing their own food and fish, and learning how to preserve the produce for future use. The initial costs of this are high though, and we aim to help raise funds for them to build a mushroom nursery and fish ponds, as well as to buy vegetable seeds and fish fry.


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