Who we are

David Savage is a half Singaporean, half British cycling enthusiast who grew up in Pakistan. He has been teaching English in Bangkok for the past two years and has traveled extensively around Thailand on bicycle. The people he’s met and the friends he’s made have left a lasting impression on him. This has inspired him to do more to support local residents who devote much of their lives to help those in need.

Superman has ditched his alter-ego Clark Kent and a life of journalism to focus on being a full-time “do-gooder”. In an effort to protect the environment, he has decided to abandon his traditional means of transportation and instead use only a bicycle to power his travel. Along with his fellow superhero Spiderman, he hopes that the publicity his image provides (with the kind permission of Sony Entertainment, Thailand) will help to draw attention to the causes he thinks are deserving of all lour support.

Donovan Richards is South African and has been living in Thailand for the last six years. Like David, traveling extensively on a bicycle has given him the opportunity to meet local residents and witness the difficulties they face on a daily basis. He hopes that this fundraising project can provide people in need with opportunities to better their living situations.

Crime-fighting has taken its toll on Spiderman. Tired of battling the forces of evil, he has been looking for alternative ways to help the good. Witnessing the courage and positivity displayed by people in exceptionally difficult circumstances has inspired him to undertake this project. Of course, a crime-fighter should always stay in shape, so what better way then to ride a bicycle for weeks on end through mountainous, inhospitable terrain to help fund worthwhile projects along the Thai-Burmese border?

Ron Poonsaengsathit is most happy when he is outdoors exploring new places and meeting new people. During his many cycling trips around Thailand, he has found the people in the country side to be the most friendly and sincere he has ever met. On this upcoming adventure, he would like to do his part to help these people and keep the smiles on their faces.

Dark of costume but not of heart, this caped crusader plans to leave the cities unguarded at night and spread his generosity to the countryside. Not a fan of jokers, Batman’s determination to help those in need makes him a vital cog in this superhero team.


2 Responses to Superheroes

  1. cindy hinds says:

    Dear Gade,and superheros I am very touched by the work that you are all participating in.I am going to the bank to make a donation this afternoon.What legs you cyclists must have not to mention a big kind heart!

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